Age group 3-4 years

Children attending this room have a staff ratio of 1:8. The children self-register as they arrive.

Pre-school will continue to develop their independent skills by taking part in adult-initiated and child-initiated activities.

Children experience a wide and exciting range of activities that are freely and easily accessible throughout the sessions. These include adult-led rhyme and rhythm activities during ’Music and Movement Time’ and fun-filled opportunities to play percussion instruments.

A wide selection of resources are offered and are available for the children to self-select, which promotes independent learning.

The age group 3-4 years also have use of an extended variety of art and craft materials and mark-making materials. These promote their fine motor skills in preparation for starting school.

Two children posing for the camera. One is wearing a paint tunic.
Picture of 0 to 1 years room including ball pit, sleeping and play area.
Nursery practitioner holding a young child in the outdoor space.
Nursery practitioner with a child on her lap, playing with blocks.
A young child holding a ball outside.
Children's drawings pegged on to a tree.
Picture of bowls of paint
A child playing with a toy kitchen
A child playing with a train set on a play mat.
A child looking up
A child holding a ball outdoors.
Picture of child's soft toys.
Close up of child playing with a toy.
Two children drinking from plastic cups.
Close up of a child playing with toys.

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