Age group 1-2 years

1 – 2  year old children attending Little Faces Nursery have a staff ratio of 1:3.

Staff support and encourage the children to explore exciting activities to promote their developing independent skills.

The children are able to explore the indoor and outdoor learning environment through free flow play, accessing toys and activities of their choice.

Children are offered a wide variety of stimulating resources. They also have the opportunity to explore fun-filled sensory activities such as painting, gloop and pasta play.

The children of the age group 1-2 years, can also safely explore indoor climbing apparatus, including an indoor slide, with careful supervision to support their physical development.

Your child will be provided with milk and a healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Drinking water is accessible to the children throughout the session.

Picture of 0 to 1 years room including ball pit, sleeping and play area.
Two children posing for the camera. One is wearing a paint tunic.
Nursery practitioner holding a young child in the outdoor space.
Nursery practitioner with a child on her lap, playing with blocks.
A young child holding a ball outside.
Children's drawings pegged on to a tree.
Picture of bowls of paint
A child playing with a toy kitchen
A child playing with a train set on a play mat.
A child looking up
A child holding a ball outdoors.
Picture of child's soft toys.
Close up of child playing with a toy.

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