Age group 0-1 years

We operate on a staff ratio of 1:3 for the 9 babies who can attend at any one time in our age group 0-1 years.

The staff work closely with parents, ensuring that we cater for the child’s individual needs, personal routines and tailoring support accordingly.

Babies attending Little Faces Nursery have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of resources throughout the session including sensory play and outdoor play, as well as rhyme and rhythm activities.

Babies are able to rest in a separate area within our dedicated baby room where they are safely monitored.

Breastfeeding mothers are also welcome to use our private space to feed their babies when required.

A child's drawing of a lady called Jackie, by James aged 3.

Two children posing for the camera. One is wearing a paint tunic.
Picture of 0 to 1 years room including ball pit, sleeping and play area.
Nursery practitioner holding a young child in the outdoor space.
Nursery practitioner with a child on her lap, playing with blocks.
A young child holding a ball outside.
Children's drawings pegged on to a tree.
Picture of bowls of paint
A child playing with a toy kitchen
A child playing with a train set on a play mat.
Child looking at the camera whilst choosing a toy from a box.
Close up of child playing with a toy.
Picture of child's soft toys.
A child holding a ball outdoors.
A child looking up

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